Night Guards

We care for your patient’s peaceful sleep and hence, our products are designed to offer the best of treatment and comfort in one package.

Night guards are dental appliances that are worn by patients to prevent the harsh effects of teeth grinding. Patients would generally be given proper instructions on how to use their night guards effectively before bedtime. To blend in with the exact temperature and fit of the mouth, our night guards are fabricated using the best dental grade materials in the industry.

A Great Investment for Better Care

Dentures Plus helps protect patients investment by offering them comfortable and durable night guards. Our night guards are manufactured by using a heat processed thermoplastic material. Its internal structure fits comfortably against teeth and gums while its outer surface provides durability and strength. Upon immersing in warm water before placement, these dental appliances offer better internal fit and functionality.


Our products are some of the most desirable in the domain of dentistry, and here’s why:
  • No excessive wear and tear of existing restorations.
  • Lessens clenching behavior.
  • Promotes long-term protection.
  • An ideal solution for chronic cases of Bruxism.
  • Reduces muscle pain and headaches.
  • Offers extreme comfort.
Our custom-made night guards ensure that your patients experience the best of dental care and help alleviate the signs of their condition. Contact Dentures Plus for your dental appliances today.


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