Metal Partials

Your prosthetic dentures can be designed as either complete dentures or partial dentures. Partial dentures are restorative dental appliances that are capable of replacing a smaller section of missing teeth. Since they are removable, patients can remove and place them back on whenever they wish to.

Your partial dentures can be made of metal, Porcelain, and Acrylic. As we design partial dentures, every effort is made to ensure self-cleaning properties and that the patient-specific needs are met. Partial dentures can help prevent movement of existing natural teeth and allow better grinding of food.

Features of Metal Partials

Partial metal dentures are very durable as they are fabricated from an alloy of Cobalt and Chromium. Patients can experience the benefits of both strength and comfort with them.  Being light-weighted, they can be comfortably worn and supported by the remaining teeth. Although they are metal-based, they are designed with gum-colored Acrylic material fixed to prosthetic teeth structures. The metal nature of these partial dentures causes no adverse effects and can be safely worn. 

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