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As a supplier of dental prosthetics, we understand what patients are looking for. We have formulated a method of restoration that requires absolutely no surgery, metal or plastic to restore your beautiful smile by using Valplast and TCS flexible dentures. Fabricated from resins of Nylon, Valplast dentures offer perfect aesthetics, comfort, durability, stability, and longevity that patients look for in a restoration. Your restorations no longer require the need to be rigid as Valplast dentures can adapt to external movement of the mouth showing immense flexibility and accuracy.
Smile the Valplast way.

We recommend Valplast

Dentists prefer recommending Valplast flexible partial dentures as it helps in developing a better and stronger appliance. Its design and chemistry greatly match to the natural conditions inside the mouth.  
Valplast is a metal-free option of restoration as these partial dentures can be removed and worn as and when the patient feels like. They are also available at different shades making it more natural looking. Offering great bio-compatibility, it is an excellent replacement when patients are allergic to Acrylic dentures.

Valplast Partials

Valplast flexible partial dentures are thin, lightweight, thermo-plastic dentures that easily fit into the mouth as natural prosthetic dentures. They offer great aesthetics, comfort, function, and are biocompatible. Valplast is the most cosmetically affordable and comfortable method of tooth replacement. 

TCS Flexible Partials

TCS flexible partials offer patients with life-like removable restorations. Their rich esthetics and flawlessness blend easily with the surrounding tissues of your mouth. TCS flexible partials enable adjusting the restorations according to the morphology of the mouth. They are stain-resistant, highly durable, and comfortable. They are entirely free of metal.

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