Combo Valplast Metal Combos

Metal-free option for dentistry

Valplast is the best option for metal-free dentistry and in cases when the patient opts to use removable restorations. This material offers great flexibility to balance the entire supporting ridge instead of individual support points. Valplast was designed to address certain fundamental requirements such as retention, support, and durability while offering great aesthetics, and functionality. Designers of Valplast uses the flexible properties of Nylon resin, which allows effective stress distribution and offers superior function as well.

Advantages of Valplast dentures

  • Offers greater flexibility.
  • Supportive structures.
  • More comfortable.
  • Designed to be custom-fitting.
  • Effective stress distribution in the gums.

Clinical Approach

Valplast offers great adjustability by using a comprehensive tissue bearing technique for retention, Valplast does not require the need for tooth or tissue preparation. We use impressions and design customized Valplast dentures with wax models to get the complete fit and grip.

Valplast dentures are the future of dentistry. Ensure your products are the best by contacting Dentures Plus.

There are several options for replacing missing teeth in dentistry – dental implants, fixed bridges, partial dentures, and complete dentures. We understand that patients prefer a more comfortable and superior method of replacing teeth that offers high stability, durability, aesthetics, and appearance. And hence, we recommend that dental practices use Valplast dentures as they offer all of those features.

Why Are Valplast dentures considered the best?

Valplast dentures are custom-made to suit individual patient needs. Preparing them is relatively simple, and patients would not have to give up on their existing teeth unless they are damaged by decay. Being virtually indistinguishable, your Valplast dentures would not stand out unlike metal restorations making patients feel more comfortable and confident to use them.
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