Metal Framework Partial Denture (Chrome Cobalt)

Metal Framework Partial Denture (Chrome Cobalt)


Chrome cobalt partial dentures are among the most commonly used partial framework dentures. Known for their durability and well-built structure, they tend to last much longer than other partial dentures. Chrome cobalt dentures are strong, lightweight, and more streamlined. They are also aesthetically pleasing dentures, with good overall stability. They are made from a cast cobalt/chrome base plate that encloses your natural teeth onto which the denture teeth are attached with acrylic. The clasps are made from cobalt chrome which is cast as a part of the actual metal framework. The main attributes of cobalt chrome are that it delivers the perfect balance between strength and elasticity, making it perform well for long periods of time.

Why Choose Cobalt Chrome Dentures?

Strength and support – The metallic elements used for this denture offer superior strength and support compared to other partial dentures which results in higher resistance to breakage. Cobalt chrome dentures have rest seats placed in them which provides better support and stability that prevent the denture from moving around when you chew or from slipping out. 

Comfortable to wear – Chrome cobalt dentures provide exceptional comfort. For many patients, the size and thickness of dentures may pose an issue. However, chrome cobalt dentures are thinner, lightweight, and less bulky than other partial dentures. 

Hygiene factor – residual food particles build up less on the surface of these dentures, which is more hygienic and sanitary for the patient. 

Best grip – Cobalt chrome dentures are less susceptible to damage or breakage. They deliver full retention and optimal stability resulting in a more comfortable eating experience for the patient. The clasps can easily be tightened to increase the grip. 

Boosts confidence - Being super comfortable, easier to adapt to, very close-fitting, and easy to wear makes these chrome cobalt partial dentures the best options for patients who lack confidence because of their condition. A partial chrome cobalt denture may be slightly more expensive but it is a wiser choice. It takes time and skills to make a perfect chrome cobalt denture set which makes it reasonable to pay more for quality!

At Direct2Lab, our standard framework partial denture comes with aesthetic, 2 layered denture teeth and premium quality acrylic. Consult with one of our dental techs today to see if a framework partial denture is right for you! 

current price: $355.00 – $400.00



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