Metal Framework Partial Denture (Chrome Cobalt)

Metal Framework Partial Denture (Chrome Cobalt)


Chrome cobalt partial denture is one of the most commonly useable partial framework dentures. Known for their durability and structure, they tend to last much longer than the other partial dentures. Chrome cobalt denture is a nice product as it is a strong, lightweight, more streamlined. It is also aesthetically pleasing denture with overall good stability. It is made up of a cast cobalt/chrome base plate that encloses your natural teeth onto which denture teeth are attach by acrylic. The clasps are made up of cobalt chrome which cast as a part of the actual metal framework. The main attributes of cobalt chrome are that they make a perfect balance between stiffness, deformation, and elasticity, making it perform well for many coming years.,

Why should you choose Cobalt Chrome Dentures?,

Strength and support – The metallic elements used for this denture offer superior strength and support compared to other partial dentures which results in higher resistance to breakage. The cobalt chrome dentures have rest seats placed in them which provides them better support. It provides stability that prevents the denture from moving around when you chew and sinking into the mouth. Comfortable to wear – Chrome cobalt dentures provide exceptional comfort. As for many individuals, the size and thickness of the dentures might be an issue. However, the Chrome cobalt dentures are thinner, lightweight, and less bulky than other alternative partials. Hygiene factor– the residual food particles build-up is less on the surface of the dentures, which results in more hygienic and sanitary options for the patients. Best Grip – These are less susceptible to damage or breakage. It delivers full retention and optimal stability resulting in a more comfortable eating experience for the one wearing it. Clasps can easily be tighten to increase the grip. Boosts confidence- Being super comfortable, easier to adapt to, very close-fitting, and easy to wear makes these chrome cobalt partial dentures. This is one of the best options for patients who lack confidence because of their condition. A partial chrome cobalt denture is an expensive but wiser choice. It takes time and skills to make a perfect chrome cobalt denture set which makes it reasonable to pay more for quality!,

At Direct2lab, our standard framework partial denture is accompanied by our aesthetic, 2 layered, denture teeth, and premium quality acrylic. Consult with one of our dental techs today to see if a framework partial denture is right for you! ,

Additional information

Impression Tray Size Guide,

The general rule of thumb for the size of impression tray is indicated by your height.,

For 5'4" and shorter = Small Tray,

For 5'5" to 6'1" = Medium Tray,

For 6'2" and taller = Large Tray,

Refund Policy,

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: The denture that we will make will be based on your impressions. Please send a photo of your impressions for approval before sending it back to our lab. If your impressions are rejected, you need to buy an extra putty.,

Our warranty is for 60 days from the day you received the denture. The warranty covers adjustments and/or remake if the denture doesn't fit. It also covers repairs if the denture breaks due to manufacturing defects.,

The warranty does not cover:,

1. Reline if the denture is loose due to recent extractions.,

2. Lost or stolen.,

3. If the denture doesn't fit due to new modifications in your mouth (ie: recent extraction, crown, etc.) after the denture has been made.,

4. Adding tooth/teeth when the denture is already done.,

5. Change of teeth shade,

6. Change of denture type,

The warranty is void if I contact you with a foreseen issue, but you ask me to proceed with manufacturing the denture without the necessary changes/items requested.,

Once an order leaves our office, carrier shipping delays may occur due to factors outside our control. Unfortunately, we cannot control how quickly an order arrives once it has left our office. As much as we'd like to be there, final delivery is out of our hands. Contacting the carrier is the best way to get more insight into your package’s location and estimated delivery date. Please make sure you ship your package to a secure location. If a package has been marked by delivered, theft is outside of our control and we are unable to offer refunds for stolen packages. If packages are lost and not scanned as delivered, we can place a claim on your behalf with the carrier. Replacement or refunds will be processed after the carrier has investigated the claim. We are not responsible for lost packages during transit.,

DISCLAIMER: We can only issue a refund for unfulfilled orders before 180 days after the payment is processed. After 180 days have passed, we cannot refund an order. We do not offer refunds outside Etsy payments as well.,

Product details

Material: Chrome Cobalt,

Average Longevity: 1-10+ years,

Temporary/Permanent Denture: Permanent,

Reline/Repairable: Simple to reline and repair,

Clasp Options: tooth-colored clasp, casted metal clasp, clear clasp,

current price: $355.00 – $400.00



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