Flexible Partial Denture

Flexible Partial Denture


Technology has achieved new heights, especially in the last couple of years. With modern tools and technology, dental practitioners have made it easy to bring a lovely smile to people’s faces. Flexible partial dentures for upper teeth are becoming quite popular and gaining tremendous popularity due to its comfort and aesthetics. Flexible dentures are metal-free, biocompatible, monomer-free, and hypoallergenic. This makes them popular as people who are allergic to metals in the dental field such as nickel-chromium and cobalt-chromium.

Have a look at some of the top advantages of using partial dentures by Direct2Lab

One of the prime reasons to go for flexible removable partial denture is that they are quite aesthetic and lightweight.

If you are new to dentures, you need not worry about their uneasiness. They are made by taking the impression of your mouth. Moreover, they are less in weight and very much flexible to use. To avail dentures at economical prices, you can consider approaching Direct2Lab. They are a pioneer in offering cost-effective dental appliances.

The next reason to choose flexible dentures from Direct2Lab is the use of quality materials that make them look real and natural. In this context, you can trust Direct2lab for offering quality dental care product including flexible acrylic partial denture. Doesn’t matter if you want to buy flexible partial dentures online or looking to find any other dental product online, Direct2Lab is known for manufacturing high-quality and FDA-approved products.

At Direct2Lab, we design flexible dentures as per customers’ needs and requirements. Moreover, we have years of experience in offering world-class dental products to different clients across the country. As partial denture flexible frame are metal-free, biocompatible, monomer-free, and hypoallergenic, the use of flexible partial dentures is less likely to cause irritation when compared to other alternatives. Besides, you can have a look at the comfortable and comprehensive range of dental care products available at Direct2lab.

The flexible partial dentures for front teeth offered by Direct2lab are stain resistant and easy to clean and keep its luster for quite some time. With such a great dental product, you can look forward to impressing your surroundings and having a lovely smile on your face.

Additional information

Impression Tray Size Guide

The general rule of thumb for the size of impression tray is indicated by your height.

For 5'4" and shorter = Small Tray

For 5'5" to 6'1" = Medium Tray

For 6'2" and taller = Large Tray

Refund Policy

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: The denture that we will make will be based on your impressions. Please send a photo of your impressions for approval before sending it back to our lab. If your impressions are rejected, you need to buy an extra putty.

Our warranty is for 60 days from the day you received the denture. The warranty covers adjustments and/or remake if the denture doesn't fit. It also covers repairs if the denture breaks due to manufacturing defects.

The warranty does not cover:

1. Reline if the denture is loose due to recent extractions.

2. Lost or stolen.

3. If the denture doesn't fit due to new modifications in your mouth (ie: recent extraction, crown, etc.) after the denture has been made.

4. Adding tooth/teeth when the denture is already done.

5. Change of teeth shade

6. Change of denture type

The warranty is void if I contact you with a foreseen issue, but you ask me to proceed with manufacturing the denture without the necessary changes/items requested.

Once an order leaves our office, carrier shipping delays may occur due to factors outside our control. Unfortunately, we cannot control how quickly an order arrives once it has left our office. As much as we'd like to be there, final delivery is out of our hands. Contacting the carrier is the best way to get more insight into your package’s location and estimated delivery date. Please make sure you ship your package to a secure location. If a package has been marked by delivered, theft is outside of our control and we are unable to offer refunds for stolen packages. If packages are lost and not scanned as delivered, we can place a claim on your behalf with the carrier. Replacement or refunds will be processed after the carrier has investigated the claim. We are not responsible for lost packages during transit.

DISCLAIMER: We can only issue a refund for unfulfilled orders before 180 days after the payment is processed. After 180 days have passed, we cannot refund an order. We do not offer refunds outside Etsy payments as well.

Product details

Material: Valplast or TCS

Average Longevity: 1-5+ years

Eat With It: Yes

Temporary/Permanent: Temporary or Permanent

Reline/Repairable: No

Clasp Options: metal free

Upgrade Options**: teeth upgrade, metal/combo upgrade, clear TCS

* Option will vary on mold and angulation of teeth

**Upgrade prices vary

current price: $255.00 – $300.00



Partial Dentures


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