Clear (Essix) Retainer

Clear (Essix) Retainer


After orthodontic treatment, the way you chew, as well as the development of your teeth and other conditions can cause the teeth to relapse and return to their previous positions. To prevent this relapse, dentists recommend using a retainer to keep your teeth in place. A retainer is an appliance that is customized for each patient and fulfills the purpose of keeping your teeth straight. Wearing it for at least one hour each day helps maintain your teeth’s position. You can also wear it at night thanks to its comfortable and thin build. Direct2Lab provides cheap orthodontic retainers at your doorstep.

Two different types of orthodontic retainers are available: removable and glued/permanent retainers. Clear orthodontic retainers are removable retainers made from quality plastic. Clear Essix retainer is a removable transparent retainer. It’s a great fit for your teeth due to its customized design, slim and strong build, and invisible appearance. It sits snugly on your teeth, keeping them in place for as long as your orthodontist recommends. Its form-fitted shape provides comprehensive retention and prevents irritations on your gums. It is also easy to remove so that you can enjoy your favorite meals without the risk of damaging your retainers.

Why Choose theClear Essix Retainer?

Made with quality plastic, clear retainers are cheap orthodontic retainers. But, this doesn’t make them any less effective. Here’s why you should choose clear orthodontic Retainer to keep your teeth in place:

  • It is comfortable to wear and easy to remove and clean.
  • It keeps your teeth in position even while you sleep.
  • Its thin build and transparent material make them hassle-free for everyday use.
  • It is a cost-effective solution compared to other custom-made retainers.
  • Its comfortable and snug fit makes it less likely to affect your speech.
  • Its a comfortable, aesthetic, and affordable retainer
  • It makes it easy to maintain oral hygiene

Why Choose Direct2Lab?

Wondering what is unique about our clear Essix retainer and why you should choose it over others? Here’s why:

  • Our clear Essix retainer comes with fake tooth/teeth attached, giving you the option to fill the spaces left by your missing teeth along with keeping the other teeth in position.
  • Our good-quality orthodontic retainer helps keep your teeth straight affordably.
  • Our orthodontic splint retainer comes with a slim and less bulky design that’s easy to remove and wear.
  • Its comfortable fit makes it less likely to affect your speech and cause gum irritation.

Contact our customer service team today to customize your clear retainer with teeth!

Additional Information

Material: Plastic

Average Longevity: 6-12+ months

Eat With It: No

Temporary/Permanent: Temporary

Reline/Repairable: No

Clasp Options: N/A

Upgrade Options**: add up to 4 teeth

* Options will vary on mold and angulation of teeth

**Upgrade prices vary

current price: $120.00


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