Flexible removable partial denture is intended to supplant at least one missing tooth that is in close proximity to one another. These work likewise to a full denture in that they are intended to appropriately accommodate your singular mouth and are removable. Dissimilar to conventional dentures that are made with an inflexible acrylic based material and cast metal clasps. Flexible removable partial denture is made with more adaptable materials, like nylon resin that better copy the organic tissues of your mouth.

Pros Of Flexible Removable Partial Denture


It isn’t unexpected that flexible removable partial dentures are almost imperceptible to the eye since they look so much like normal teeth. This is because of their clear properties and nonappearance of conventional metal clasps.


These flexible removable partial dentures are substantially more durable than average dentures that tend to break or crack. The adaptability prompts enduring heavier erosion, which makes them an extraordinary choice for more youthful or more active patients

Stain Resistant

The adaptable materials don’t contain BPA and are frequently utilized for patients who are susceptible to acrylic or metal partial dentures. This material is impervious to stains and smells, making the hygiene and cleanliness measure a lot simpler also.


Since you are just supplanting a segment of teeth, flexible removable partial dentures are more affordable than customary dentures. However, the expense separation between adaptable or customary partial dentures relies upon the degree of the replacement.

Cons of flexible removable partial denture

Non-Permanent– Lamentably, flexible removable partial dentures are not a long-lasting arrangement, particularly for more youthful wearers. It is conceivable that you might wear them throughout your lifetime however replacements should be made consistently.

Non-Repairable – Flexible removable partial denture can’t be fixed or modified dissimilar to conventional dentures. On account of harm, another set should be made in a dental lab. For certain sorts of conventional dentures, extra changes can be made in the future, for example, adding a tooth or fixing a wrecked denture tooth.

Shifting – Since flexible removable partial dentures are removable and get around outstanding teeth, they are not stable during wear. A few patients have seen shifting during specific activities, not at all like with the long-lasting arrangement of dental implants.

Incompatibility – Flexible removable partial dentures are not generally a possibility for specific patients. On the off chance that a lot of teeth are missing, or the leftover teeth are blended, there may not be acceptable help for flexible partial dentures.

Flexible acrylic partial denture

Denture Type

Flexible acrylic partial denture is made to be the most efficient tooth replacement arrangement inside the family of partial dentures. Flexible acrylic partial denture is intended to be a brief appliance that will ultimately be supplanted by a more long-lasting reclamation.


Utilizing a creation strategy made out of acrylic monomer and polymer that has been around for a long time, denture teeth are set into an acrylic baseplate. Created wire clasps might be joined into the acrylic base to assist with tying down the parts to the abutment teeth. Digitally planned Acrylic Partials provide an option in contrast to conventional Acrylic Partials by wiping out the arrival of harmful monomers while guaranteeing an exact fit.


Flexible acrylic partial denture is the most prudent kind of removable tooth replacement choice accessible. It is likewise the simplest to add to or change later on. This component makes it appropriate for use as transitional apparatuses where the design that upholds the partial will change with time.

Why Flexible partial dentures for front teeth?

Front teeth assume a noticeable part in the smile designing of an individual. In case they are not set up or are tastefully not kept, an individual might experience the ill effects of low confidence at a social level. A flexible partial denture turns into a decision of treatment in such cases as it can re-establish the smile and consequently help in reconstructing the certainty.

Purposes behind flexible partial dentures for front teeth:

• They cost less than customary dentures.

• They are more impervious to staining.

• They are less inclined to break since they are not inflexible.

• A few wearers think that they are more agreeable.

• They assist with safeguarding the soundness of residual teeth.

• They keep remaining teeth from shifting.

• They are more averse to causing an unfavourably susceptible response.

• They are more lightweight.

• Many individuals think that they are simpler to conform to than customary inflexible dentures.

Flexible removable partial denture offers a viable method to re-establish dental capacity decreased by missing teeth as well as an enhanced appearance also. With cautious support, they could work well for you for quite a while to come.


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