Smiling is the best therapy, it not only boosts the mood of the person who smiles but also radiates energy to everyone around. But, some people hesitate to smile in social groups because of their missing teeth. They fear that it will look awkward if they smile with their missing tooth. Not only do missing teeth prevent you from smiling, but, also cause trouble while you speak. But, nowadays, the front tooth flipper comes to the respite and will let you smile openly and express yourself freely. Now, let’s understand what these front tooth flippers are and how they can be of help to you.

A Flipper tooth is a partial denture that can get removed by the flip of the tongue. It is the temporary solution to replace your missing tooth until you get done with your dentures, implants, or other tooth replacement solutions. You can get front tooth flippers for replacing single or multiple teeth. Front tooth flippers can be your savior if you get your tooth damaged, decayed or, cannot go through the surgical procedure due to some medical reason. For making your front flipper tooth, the dentist will take the impression of your teeth on the soft material and send it to the laboratory to make a customized tooth or teeth out of acrylic dental-grade resin that can fit the missing space in your mouth.

Tooth flippers can be a good choice for both children and adults who have their single or multiple teeth missing. They are the best solution when the area of missing teeth is preparing to get healed and the front tooth flipper can be used in the meantime.

Benefits of flipper tooth

Now that you get acquainted with the idea of front tooth flippers, let’s see the reasons why a single tooth flipper can be a good choice for you.


A single tooth flipper is a cost-effective way of getting away with your missing tooth. If you find yourself with little cash to get an implant for you. A single tooth flipper can escape you from living with a missing tooth until you get your implant or any other permanent solution.

Easy to handle

You can guess by the name itself, how conveniently a single tooth flipper can get flipped. You can easily pull it out for cleaning and place them back at your missing teeth without any difficulty.

Easy to chew or eat

With tooth flippers, you do not have to sacrifice your favorite foods or keep your foot away from speaking and expressing yourself. So, tooth flippers can let you eat and speak with ease the meantime, you get your dental implant or other permanent solution primed.

Looks natural

The tooth flipper gets made in the color and shape that can resonate with your natural teeth, not letting anybody know that you are using prosthetic teeth.

Prevents bone loss

The most significant benefit of using a flipper tooth is that it will keep your gums covered and will save you from bone loss. Which can make it difficult for you to get dental implant or any other surgical procedure in the future.

Prevent your teeth from shifting 

Your missing teeth can cause other teeth to shift from their positions, making it very difficult to get dental implants or surgical procedures in the future. So, if you cannot get the dental implant, bridges, or retainers due to dine medical or financial reasons. It is a good idea to get a tooth flipper to prevent your teeth from getting shifted from their place.

Takes lesser time

Unlike dental implants or other surgical procedures, you don’t have to wait for too long to get your tooth flippers. You have to make a few dental visits and will get your flippers printed in less time.

How can you care for your single flipper tooth?

Taking care of your tooth flipper is significant for their longer life and their oral health. You can clean your flipper using warm water, mild soap like hand wash, dish washing liquid, and a brush with soft bristles. It is in the best interest of your flippers to avoid using toothpaste for cleaning them.

Also, it is a good idea not to move your flippers with your tongue as this can cause them to lose. If you feel any discomfort with a single tooth flipper, you should reach out to your doctor to get them rectified. If you are a lover of tea, coffee, or any dark-colored beverage, then you should limit your intake to keep your flippers clean. 

When you don’t use your single tooth flipper, you should not let them remain dry and keep them dipped in water to prevent them from getting damaged.


A flipper tooth is mostly a temporary solution for filling the gap due to missing teeth. They can be used for both children and adults as a temporary solution for their missing teeth. It is always in your best interest to consult a dentist before you go for getting a tooth flipper for yourself.


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