If your dental specialist has recommended a night guard, it’s vital to use it.

Night guards are recommended to people who routinely grind or clench their teeth at night. (The specialized term for night time grinding is “bruxism.”) These habits normally emerge during seasons of stress or because of sleep apnea or certain meds.

At the point when left unchecked, incessant grinding or clenching can bring about various negative oral wellbeing outcomes. For instance, grinding wears out the teeth’s defensive enamel layer, which can build the danger of cavities and other dental medical problems. In the meantime, clenching can bring about chipped or cracked teeth and spots colossal strain on the jaw, which can prompt jaw and headaches.

While night guards will not forestall these propensities, they do offer a defensive layer that pads your teeth against the wear tear that in any case come about because of grinding or clenching. Wearing a night guard consistently can lessen harm to the teeth and dental appliances, limit jaw pains and morning headaches, and aid in more soothing sleep. Therefore, it’s vital to take a night guard prescription solemnly.

It’s useful to invest in a custom fit.

No two mouths are precisely similar, so it makes sense that a general night guard is more averse to fit easily in your mouth than one that is customized to your exceptional bite. An appropriately fitted night guard is bound to help healthy alignment in your mouth, try not to harm your gums, and last longer. Therefore, it’s definitely worth investing in a custom-fitted night guard in the event that you have the assets to do as such. At Direct2lab, we customize night guards to every client’s individual bite.

Kinds of night guards

The dental experts will make custom-fit night guards that can fit appropriately to your teeth. You can pick one for you from the various kinds of night guards examined beneath.

Soft night guard

A custom soft night guard is made of a soft material — it’s pliable rubber is more adaptable than the other two alternatives. This kind of night guard is commonly utilized for individuals with mild bruxism or for individuals who clench yet don’t grind their teeth.

Soft night guards are more comfortable, however they may not be as durable. Think about the accompanying advantages and disadvantages:


• Many individuals think that they are more comfortable

• Might feel less cumbersome or prominent in your mouth

• Cheaper


• Might stimulate extra clenching, grinding, or chewing

• Shorter life expectancy

Hard mouth guard

A custom hard night guard is made of hard acrylic thus called custom hard acrylic night guard — it’s not pliable, nor will it feel adaptable in your mouth. This sort of night guard is regularly utilized by individuals with more extreme grinding and clenching.

The hard night guard for teeth is substantially more durable. It’s produced using acrylic, a clear, hard plastic material. The acrylic night guard is a rigid appliance. While the design, extent and inclusion is comparative, the material is a lot harder. An acrylic night guard can endure as long as 5 years or more with standard use. Since it could be utilized for so long, it is vital to routinely clean and care for your acrylic guard.

Hard night guards are commonly better at shielding your teeth, however, they are additionally generally more costly. Think about the accompanying advantages and disadvantages:


• More durable, particularly for outrageous instances of bruxism

• Longer life range


• Some individuals think that they are prominent or awkward

• More costly

Double laminate guard

A soft hard night guard, or dual-laminate night guard is made of a hard external layer and a soft inward layer. This hybrid configuration gives the durability of hard acrylic outwardly, and soft solace within. In the event that your dental specialist suggests a soft hard night guard, he or she probably accepts this sort of night guard as it will give you the best blend of shielding and solace. Regularly alluded to as a hybrid or dual-laminate guard, it’s a famous bite splint option. The hard part of the guard provides solid safety to your teeth while the soft part makes it comfortable to wear.


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