Direct2lab Company has a range of orthodontic retainer designs like the Hawley retainer, clear plastic, and Essix retainer for the customers according to their teeth problems. During times of the spread of the COVID19 pandemic, it is very essential to maintain a good state of dental hygiene.

Get a good smile on your face by using orthodontic retainer designs from our company as prescribed by a dentist.

Essential significance of maintaining proper health and hygiene conditions

People are resistant to talk or help people who are suffering from COVID19 infection. There are lots of myths and false beliefs associated with the spread of the COVID-19 infection across the world. Keep yourself COVID-19 free by following all the necessary health and hygiene rules.

Dentists should ensure that patients coming for the dental checkup must follow the necessary COVID-19 and dental hygienic precautions.

The sanitation requirements include maintaining proper distance, use of masks while going out, use of sanitation detergents, and maintaining the cleanliness of the orthodontic retainers that a customer is using.

Is there a link between COVID19 and dental problems?

There is an influence and impact of the COVID-19 virus on the health of your gums and teeth according to researchers. The mouth is a major point of the entry of the virus inside the mouth leading to an increase in the chance of infection by this virus.

Many people have less awareness towards maintaining proper conditions of health and hygiene which further aggravates the problem.

Growth of the microbes in the mouth further increases the incidences of the occurrence of gingivitis. Tooth decay and tooth chipping also increase due to an infection caused by the COVID-19 virus according to medical reports.

Necessary steps for cleaning the orthodontic retainers

Some of the necessary ways for maintaining the cleanliness of the orthodontic retainers are as follows:

Keep your orthodontic retainer clean as tartar and plaque deposition on your teeth can accumulate on the retainer also. Use a soft brush and water for cleaning the retainer every night before going to bed. Both teeth and retainer cleaning regularly is necessary to maintain proper hygienic conditions.

If the retainers develop stain and become yellow or if there is a deposition of salts on the retainer, then dip the retainer in a glass of water. Dipping the retainer in a glass of water for 30 minutes will remove the stains or salt deposits on the retainer.

An alternative is to use baking soda for cleaning the retainers. Dissolve baking soda into warm water and brush your retainer with a soft brush to remove the deposits and stains present on the retainer.

Use a mild hydrogen peroxide solution for cleaning your retainers.

Using a mild vinegar solution will also clean the retainer. Vinegar dissolves and breaks the small food particles that accumulate inside the mouth.

If you are wearing Hawley retainers to maintain the teeth alignment, do not dip the Hawley retainer in a glass of water for more than 15 minutes as the wires in the Hawley retainer are delicate and thin.

It is even better to wash your retainer with slightly warm water after every meal.

Always wash your hands with a sanitizer before and after wearing a retainer.

Avoid dipping the retainers in very hot water.

Do not use the retainer simultaneously with toothpaste.

Clear retainer orthodontics to bring back smile on your face

Clear retainer orthodontics or Invisalign is essential to maintain the proper orientation and alignment of your teeth. Invisalign is composed of a plastic material. Invisalign retainers apply a bit of pressure on your teeth to keep your teeth in the correct shape and alignment.

Clear retainer orthodontics or Invisalign can be worn above your teeth to keep your teeth back in shape inside your mouth and assure you a wonderful smile.

Essix Retainer

After an orthodontic treatment get a plastic mold Essix retainer for your teeth alignment problems. There are various benefits of Essix retainers like comfortable, lightweight, easy to remove, made of hard composed plastic, and durability is for longer time periods. Get an Essix retainer from Direct2lab and get a beautiful smile on your face.

Reasons why you should not hide your smile even during the COVID19 pandemic

There are several reasons to keep smiling like:

1) Awareness about the necessity to maintain proper dental hygiene.

2) Looks attractive.

3) A proper dental treatment along with maintenance of the sanitation conditions.

4) Regular dental check-up with a dentist.

5) Use high-quality orthodontic retainers with proper cleaning to avoid the chances of infection.


Several factors associated with the rise of the COVID-19 infection like poor dental hygiene, lack of resources, lack of awareness, stress, and lack of maintenance of proper conditions of sanitation. Thus, it is essential to maintain the proper conditions of health and hygiene.


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